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Protecting Your Finances During a Crisis

Treasurer Fitzgerald’s Tips to Prevent Your Assets from Becoming Unclaimed Property Des Moines, Iowa – In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald wants to remind Iowans to monitor their assets to prevent them from becoming unclaimed property. The Treasurer’s Office receives millions of dollars in unclaimed...
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Treasurer Fitzgerald Looks to Reunite Iowans with Lost Valentine Treasures

DES MOINES, Iowa –While millions of people will be exchanging cards or handing out roses and boxes of chocolates this Valentine’s Day, State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald will be looking to reunite Iowans with their lost treasures from the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. “On Valentine’s Day we celebrate our commitments to...
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State Treasurer Fitzgerald Reunites LifeServe Blood Center with Lost Funds

DES MOINES, Iowa – State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald was pleased to present a check for several thousand dollars from the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt to LifeServe Blood Center. “The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt is proud to reunite LifeServe Blood Center with over $55,000 in lost funds,” Fitzgerald said. “LifeServe...
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Treasurer Fitzgerald Honoring Our Veterans

DES MOINES, Iowa – State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald is looking to reunite owners this Veteran’s Day with their lost and forgotten cherished treasurers. “In addition to money, we have an assortment of mementos from safe deposit box contents waiting to be reclaimed,” Fitzgerald said. “The contents include pictures of...
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