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Financial Education and Empowerment

Three stacks of gold colored coins. Each stack has a sprout sticking above it. One of Treasurer Smith's most important initiatives is financial education and empowerment. He is committed to providing Iowans with unbiased financial information and education programs that can help improve their lives. By promoting a number of programs geared towards a variety of age groups, the Treasurer’s Office has made great strides towards accomplishing this goal. 

See below for resources about financial education and empowerment.

For Kids and Teens

Catered towards different age groups, the Financial Literacy Bingo Boards guide children through activities to teach fiscal responsibility and increase their financial knowledge.

Elementary Bingo Board (PDF)

Elementary Board - 2/page (PDF)

Middle School Bingo Board (PDF) 

Middle School Board - 2/page (PDF)

High School Bingo Board (PDF) High School Board - 2/page (PDF)


The State Treasurer’s Office has teamed up with Visa, Inc. and the NFL to help teach financial concepts with Financial Football, a fast-paced interactive game engaging students while teaching them money management skills. All Iowa high schools are encouraged to participate in this program.

Kids and teens alike can learn valuable information about topics like budgeting, savings and credit from this Wells Fargo sponsored website.

Hands On Banking

Sponsored by Visa, these games entertain and educate kids by integrating the value of money, saving and financial facts with fun money activities.

Online Games

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has tools, resources and activities for grades K-12. 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

For Adults

Provided by the National Association of State Treasurers (NAST), Enrich is a personal finance program helping individuals reach their financial goals one step at a time.


Created by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) and offered in a free online format, Money Smart is comprised of 14 financial lessons for adults.

FDIC Money Smart Adult Education Program

Designed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), learn how to stay on top of your taxes and avoid being stressed during tax season with their interactive Understanding Taxes module.  

IRS Understanding Taxes Module

Developed by the Federal Trade Commission, these Money and Credit articles offer great resources and advice for the money-conscious adult - from buying a home to protecting privacy and identity.

Federal Trade Commission's Consumer Information about Money and Credit

For Parents

As an Emmy Award-winning PBS series, BizKid$ has a supplementary online resource to help teach kids about money. Videos are accompanied by curriculum sheets, which include family activities and activities for parents.


For Teachers

Offered by the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, Money as You Learn provides free tools to educators interested in including financial education in Common Core curriculum.

Money as You Learn

In association with Money as You Learn, Money as You Grow includes 20 age-appropriate financial lessons with corresponding activities to educate children about finances from age 3 and beyond.

Money as You Grow

Developed by Vanguard and a fifth grade teacher, My Classroom Economy integrates an economic system into the classroom setting. The project provides specific classroom activities that meet Common Core Standards.

My Classroom Economy

Offered by the SIFMA Foundation, this free game gives fourth through 12th graders the chance to grow $100,000 in virtual cash accounts through lessons involving math, business, economics, language arts and social studies.

Stock Market Game

Brought to you by the Iowa Council on Economic Education, this free website aims to provide a complete repository of financial literacy curriculum, programs, lessons and games that align with Iowa teaching standards.

The TS Institute

The Council for Economic Education provides this online personal finance game where students are offered 16 different missions in which they help people in financial trouble, earning points along the way.

GEN i Revolution

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) offers this free, turnkey personal finance education program to teachers of Grades 8-12. Teacher lesson plans, student guides, evaluation, scoring rubrics and worksheets accompany the program’s free teacher training and an online teacher forum.

NEFE's High School Financial Planning Program

Mobile Apps

For younger students

Choose a career, earn money, save and spend in a gaming platform that incorporates the realities of credit cards, bankruptcy, insurance, mortgages and taxes, among others with Thrive 'n' Shine. The creator, MindBlown Labs, has received a financial literacy research contract from the U.S. Treasury.

Thrive 'n' Shrine

For high school students

Students can plan prom from their mobile phones with this app powered by Visa. Use the prom count down, timeline, budget calculator and budget health meter to plan the perfect prom while using real life financial skills. 

Plan'it Prom (Google Play Store)

Plan'it Prom (Apple Store)

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