State Treasurer of Iowa

Services for Businesses

Treasurer Smith is wearing a black suit and a red tie. He is sitting on his desk in the Capitol. Behind him is the Iowa flag.Treasurer Smith administers many services and programs that impact businesses in Iowa and across the country. Explore the resources available for services provided to businesses.

Unclaimed Property Compliance: Each year, businesses in Iowa are required to review their records for any financial assets owed to employees, customers, businesses or other persons and report them to the State as unclaimed property under specific reporting requirements.

Protection of Public Deposits: Learn about pledging for public fund deposits and a list of custodians approved by the State Treasurer.

Public Fund Rates: View the minimum rates for time deposits.

Invest in Iowa: The Invest in Iowa program organizes an online auction where approved Iowa financial institutions can place bids on available funds.

LIFT: The LIFT program works with financial institutions to help small business in Iowa get started or grow.


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