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Official Publication of Safe Deposit Box Properties

Each year, financial institutions across the state of Iowa are required to report contents from abandoned safe deposit boxes. Once the contents are received, the Treasurer’s Office makes every attempt to locate the rightful owners. Letters are mailed to the last known address; names are published in a newspaper in the county of the last known address; names are posted on the website; names are taken to the Iowa State Fair and other events around the state; and a search of online databases is completed to determine if there is an updated address for the lost owner.

Start Your Search

The Treasurer’s Office is authorized to sell contents at a public auction when it is no longer feasible to hold the contents in the vault. Auctions are hosted by Lone Star Auctioneers, which specializes in selling unclaimed safe deposit box contents from state unclaimed property programs. The auction website link is Bidding is open to anyone registered and approved on Lone Star Auctioneers with a valid U.S. mailing address.

Current Auction

The current auction ends March 6. Below is a list of safe deposit box owners with items up for sale in the auction. If you are on the list and would like to make a claim for your items, visit and enter the Property ID in the Property ID field. 

Name Property ID
Amanda Golderman 2006098508
Bruce M Wolfe 2008072250
David B Richardson 9311004596
Diane S Mellott 2006098513
Donald W Morris 9700025475
Ivan Marquardt 2013139313
Lois Schwartz 2006098698
Lynn A Menke 2009052330
Penny Golderman 2006098508
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