State Treasurer of Iowa

Our Responsibilities

As State Treasurer, I serve Iowans in many ways. I act as the state's banker, invest Iowa's pooled money, coordinate bonding, return millions through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt, help families save for higher education through the College Savings Iowa 529 plan and help families save money for qualified disability expenses through IAble and promote financial literacy.  

I encourage you to explore our website to find more information regarding these responsibilities and others.

The Big PictureState Government Checklist - Treasurer of State invests the money and acts as the state's banker.

It takes many agencies of state government to ensure that the finances are in order. To understand the treasurer's role in the big picture, refer to the chart to the right. Links are provided below.

Governor of Iowa

Iowa Legislature

Department of Administrative Services

Auditor of State

Iowa Department of Revenue

Iowa Association of County Treasurers

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