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Free Money? Tips on How to Find Unclaimed Property

You know how exciting it is to find some extra money in your pocket or under the couch cushion. Imagine how surprising it’ll be to find unclaimed property waiting for you or a family member just a few clicks away at

Each year, millions of dollars are turned over to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt as unclaimed or abandoned by financial institutions and businesses. These assets may be in the form of cash, stocks, bonds, insurance benefits or even valuables from safe deposit boxes. Since 1983, the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt program has returned over $280 million in unclaimed property to more than 532,000 past and present Iowans. 

Here are some tips on where to find unclaimed property:

  1. Search Iowa’s unclaimed property at
  2. Do a free search on and, which are both endorsed by the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA). These websites allow you to search other states you have resided in the past.
  3. Name changed? Be sure to search your previous name. Use a first initial and last name to ensure all possible matches come up in a search.

Other sites you can search for unclaimed money:

  1. Search for a refund if you never received your federal tax refund.
  2. The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation has a searchable database to find any unclaimed pension money.
  3. If you had an FHA-insured mortgage, HUD might owe you a refund.
  4. Use the federal government’s Treasury Hunt tool to determine whether you have a savings bond owed to you.

I look forward to continuing our efforts to return forgotten money to the rightful owner and encourage everyone to search their name on the website annually to see if we have something that belongs to you. Visit to begin your search and make your claim today.

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