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A New Outlook on Iowa’s Debt

At the end of fiscal year 2019, the outstanding debt obligations for Iowa’s state and local governments totaled $17.1 billion. This 4.84% increase from 2018 marks the largest percentage increase since 2011. However, this amount of growth is expected in a time where interest rates are low.

Cities remain the largest share of outstanding debt, totaling $6.2 billion. Rounding out the remaining top three are schools with $4.2 billion and state authorities with $2.2 billion. Community colleges, State of Iowa and the Board of Regents were the only entities with a decrease in total outstanding debt when compared to 2018.

All political subdivisions, instrumentalities and agencies of the state are required to annually disclose outstanding long-term debt obligations. Included in these obligations are bonds, notes, capital leases and loans. With the help of our interactive graph, you can narrow down results by entity type and county to view your community’s outstanding debt in more detail.

The annual debt report and interactive graph are available to the public at

2019 Debt Report

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