State Treasurer of Iowa

Fairgoers Successful at Iowa State Fair

A stop at my Great Iowa Treasure Hunt booth during the Iowa State Fair paid off for many fairgoers. Individuals were able to claim directly at the booth and take advantage of our easy-to-use online claiming process. Fairgoers also had the option to search for family members and friends and send an email notice on the unclaimed property. Over 31,000 searches were conducted and 3,685 found property and made claims. The largest claim was $187,123.21. 

Since I began the program in 1983, we have returned over $267 million through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt to more than 592,000 past and present Iowans. Corporations, business associations, financial institutions and companies across the nation report millions of dollars in unclaimed property to the state treasurer each year. Common examples of unclaimed property include money in forgotten savings and checking accounts, uncashed insurance benefits and payroll checks, lost stock and dividends, abandoned safe deposit box contents, utility refunds or deposits. 

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