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Outstanding Debt Obligations Increase 3 Percent

Largest percentage increase in debt obligations in the last four years
My office recently released the Iowa Outstanding Obligations Report. I’ve seen stagnant numbers when it came to public debt obligations over the last few years. Outstanding debt obligations for state and local governments in Iowa totaled $15.8 billion as of June 30, 2017. Overall, this represents an increase of three percent over last year, which is the largest increase in debt obligations in the last four years. The three percent increase is likely due to financing needs that had been deferred from previous years. All political subdivisions, instrumentalities and agencies of the state are required to disclose outstanding long-term obligations, including bonds, notes, capital leases and loans, to the state treasurer annually.
Iowa continues the trend of moderate increases in outstanding debt obligations. We have made this information available to all Iowans by county so they can see the total debt and changes over the years in their own communities. 

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