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More Names on the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

More names have been added to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. My spring publication is scheduled to begin soon and includes thousands of names that have been received in the last year. However, you don’t have to wait to check your name. Simply go to to start your search.
For over six months, the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt continues to set records with checks mailed out. In the last week of September, I announced the addition of over $11 million from the City of Des Moines class action franchise tax lawsuit. The additional 60,000 Des Moines area-properties have prompted a surge in claims, phone calls and people stopping by our office. Not only did people find money from the lawsuit, but hundreds of other claims from other reports were paid as a result. While I’m very pleased with this accomplishment, we still have over $300 million in the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt to return.
Since 1983, the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt has returned over $245 million. Corporations, business associations, financial institutions and companies across the nation report millions of dollars in unclaimed property to the state treasurer each year. Common examples of unclaimed property include money in forgotten savings and checking accounts, uncashed insurance benefit and payroll checks, lost stock and dividends, abandoned safe deposit box contents, utility refunds or deposits.
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