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How to Use the Savings in your IAble Account

Earlier this spring, my office launched IAble, a savings program designed to help persons with disabilities and their families save to achieve a better life experience. For the first time, individuals with disabilities can save for disability-related expenses without losing their eligibility for certain assistance programs, like Social Security Income and Medicaid. These accounts can be used for short-term savings or long-term investing, whatever best meets the needs of the account owner!

With IAble, the person with the disability acts as the account owner. Eligible individuals can open an account for themselves or an Authorized Individual can open an account on their behalf. For information regarding eligibility requirements, visit the Eligibility page of our website. Anyone can contribute to an IAble account, including the account owner, friends and family. 

Withdrawals can be made for qualified disability expenses including, but not limited to: education; health and wellness; housing; transportation; legal fees; financial management; employment training and support; assistive technology; personal support services; oversight and monitoring; and funeral and burial expenses. At the time of withdrawal, account owners do not need to prove that the withdrawal is for a qualified disability expense. However, should the IRS or Social Security Administration wish to verify these expenses, it is recommended that account owners or Authorized Individuals keep detailed records. My office provides an optional log that may assist in the tracking of disability-related withdrawals. To access this log, please visit our website.
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