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College Savings Iowa Cuts Costs Again!

College Savings Iowa recently announced its seventh price cut in the last ten years. The price reduction brings the annual asset-based fees of College Savings Iowa’s portfolios down from 0.26% to 0.20%, a 23% reduction that went into effect on January 1, 2017. With this price change, investors will only pay $2.00 per $1,000 invested, annually. By cutting these costs, College Savings Iowa is making sure that more money stays in the accounts and grows throughout the years. These lower costs help College Savings Iowa keep its great value for all College Savings Iowa account owners.

Iowa taxpayers can now deduct contributions up to $3,239 per beneficiary from their 2017 adjusted gross income.* Iowa taxpayers may also choose to contribute to their College Savings Iowa account up through the tax deadline for 2016. Taxpayers can contribute and claim a tax deduction of up to $3,188 per College Savings Iowa account for the 2016 tax years up through May 1, 2017.
For more information about College Savings Iowa, call 888-672-9116 or visit Connect with the plan on Facebook and Twitter (@Iowa529Plan) to stay up to date on current giveaways and events.

*Adjusted annually for inflation. If withdrawals are not qualified, the deductions must be added back to Iowa taxable income. The availability of tax or other benefits may be contingent on meeting other requirements.
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