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College Savings Iowa is Celebrating 18 Years and College Savings Month

Treasurer Fitzgerald’s College Savings Iowa Plan is celebrating its 18th birthday this year and is off to college and adulthood itself. Families who invested at the very start of the plan 18 years ago for their newborns are now sending their kids off to college with wonderful savings and less financial stress.  With over $4.1 billion invested and more than 235,000 accounts, College Savings Iowa is one of the top plans in the nation and has been making sure Iowa’s children are able to receive exceptional higher education and escape the burden of massive student debt when they do.  

Treasurer Fitzgerald also recently announced that this September is College Savings Month. College Savings Month is a great time as a parent, grandparent, even relative or friend, to set up and invest in an account for a future scholar. The money invested in a College Savings Iowa account can be used for any accredited college, university, community college or technical training school around the country and abroad. Plus, investors in the plan can use their funds for any qualified higher education expense, including tuition, room and board, books and supplies, and even laptops. 
It’s the perfect time to learn more about College Savings Iowa as families start sending their kids off to school, from preschool to college. Together, with friends and family, you can make sure the special children in your life are set up to get the best education and future they deserve when the time finally comes.  
For more information about College Savings Iowa, call 888-672-9116 or visit and connect with the plan on Facebook and Twitter (@Iowa529Plan) to stay up-to-date on current giveaways and events.
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