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State Treasurer of Iowa News: 2016 First Quarter

Treasurer Fitzgerald recently announced that the Iowa income tax deduction has been raised for those saving with College Savings Iowa.* “Iowa taxpayers can deduct the first $3,188 they contribute per beneficiary account from their state taxable income,” Fitzgerald said. “This means a married couple with two children will be able... Read More
State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald’s Great Iowa Treasure Hunt has reached a milestone of $200 million in unclaimed property returned. “Since the program’s inception in 1983, we have returned $200 million through the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt,” Fitzgerald said. “Vona Burbank of Urbandale helped us reach our milestone. Her claim... Read More

Outstanding debt obligations for state and local governments in Iowa totaled $15.2 billion as of June 30, 2015. Overall, this represents an increase of 1.06% over last year, the state’s lowest annual increase over the last eighteen years. All political subdivisions, instrumentalities and agencies of the state are required to disclose outstanding long-term obligations...

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A new year can mean a new you, but it may also mean a new home. For those who find themselves moving across town or across the country in 2016, the number one question may be whether to rent or buy. Approach this financial decision by considering the following: Length... Read More
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