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State Treasurer of Iowa News: 2015 Third Quarter

State Treasurer Fitzgerald wants to encourage all Iowa State Fair visitors to swing by the College Savings Iowa booth and register for a chance to win a College Savings Iowa account for their children or grandchildren. “I encourage families to start saving for college as soon as possible,” Fitzgerald said.... Read More
The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt has returned a record $2.3 million in unclaimed property to one gentleman’s estate in Storm Lake. “I’m very excited to announce the Maurice Wittrock unclaimed properties were claimed through his estate,” Fitzgerald said. “Many of the properties have been in the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt... Read More
Ever wondered what determines one’s 3-digit FICO® credit score? FICO scores are used in the majority of lending decisions in the U.S.; the higher the score, up to 850, the better. Understanding what goes into their calculation can make the difference when trying to build or maintain good credit. Payment... Read More
State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald announced that, as a result of the July 14 Invest in Iowa online auction, $100 million will be deposited in thirty-four banks across the state. The state will receive an average rate of return of 0.23% on these six-month certificates of deposit. “This was our... Read More
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