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Tip from the Treasurer: Add 'Financial Wellness' to Your List of New Year's Resolutions

Make 2015 a financially fit year! Take the time to understand what drives your financial decisions and look for new opportunities to plan and save. “A simple way to make a change is to set one financial goal each month,” stated Fitzgerald. “Plan to organize your financial documents, reduce debt or invest money. Taking a few steps throughout the year will pay off at year end!”

Here are some suggestions for your “Financial Fit List”:
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Use this Spending Plan Creator  to make a strategy throughout the year
  • Become a smart shopper: avoid impulse purchases and buy store brands
  • Pay more than the minimum balance (or even the entire balance, if possible) on monthly credit card bills
  • Look into different retirement investment options and take advantage of any employer matching programs offered through your workplace
For more information on financial wellness tips, visit Smart About Money . Begin by taking their LifeValues quiz  to understand what influences your financial decisions.
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