State Treasurer of Iowa

More Names Added to the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt

State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald has wrapped up his spring publication. But it is never too late to check for your name. “Simply go to  to start your search. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes and look for their name,” Fitzgerald said.
Thousands of individual names with unclaimed property have been received in the last year. “New unclaimed property is added every year, so even if you have made a claim in the past, it could be worth your time to search  and see if there is new property waiting for you.” The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt is currently holding more than $275 million for over one million accounts.
Search the unclaimed property database to see if the state treasurer has property belonging to you at Be sure to like Great Iowa Treasure Hunt  on Facebook and follow the program on Twitter @GreatIATreasure  to keep up to date on events and the latest listings of names.
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