State Treasurer of Iowa

Successful Unclaimed Property Auction on eBay

State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald recently concluded Iowa’s first unclaimed property eBay auction. “This auction was a tremendous success. We had a roll of 1887 Morgan silver dollars that sold for $2,425 and even a 1931-S Lincoln penny that sold for $104.02. We brought in over $6,800 that we will hold for the owners of the boxes to claim at any time,” Fitzgerald said. “Items went for much more than we expected.”
Items sold in the eBay auction are from abandoned safe deposit box contents that were reported to the State Treasurer as unclaimed property by various financial institutions across the state. Prior to any auction, the Treasurer’s office completes an exhaustive effort to locate the owner. Letters are mailed to the last known address; names are published in a newspaper in the county of the last known address; names are posted on; and names are taken to the Iowa State Fair and other events around the state.
“Eighteen of the items were purchased by Iowans, which means these treasures will stay right here,” Fitzgerald said. “We are required by law to sell the items once our vault gets full and eBay helps ensure that we are doing what is in the best interest of the box owner.”
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