State Treasurer of Iowa

Unclaimed Property eBay Auction Successfully Launched

State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald is pleased to announce the overall results of the unclaimed property eBay auctions. “Since launching in December, we have brought in over $10,000 that we will hold for the owners to claim at any time. Many items were one of kind and unique collectibles that were turned over in unclaimed safe deposit boxes,” Fitzgerald said. “The most popular item, based on the number of bidders, was an antique ladies diamond ring that sold for $75.55.” 
The eBay auctions will be held regularly throughout the year. Interested bidders may visit the state treasurer’s eBay page at “The eBay auctions have heightened the public’s awareness of our unclaimed property program,” stated Fitzgerald. “Many of the items have been purchased by fellow Iowans, which means these treasures will stay right here.”
Search the unclaimed property database to see if the state treasurer has property belonging to you at The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt is current holding over $276 million for over 1.5 millions account.  Be sure to like the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt on Facebook and follow the program on Twitter @GreatIATreasure for information about future auctions. 
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