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Treasurer Fitzgerald Reuniting Iowans with Lost Valentine Treasures

February 4, 2021

DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowans will soon be celebrating love and affection this Valentine’s Day, inspiring State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald to match up individuals and reunite them with their lost treasures from the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt. “I’m celebrating Valentine’s Day by returning cherished items reported as unclaimed property from financial institutions around the state,” Fitzgerald said. “We have an assortment of keepsakes and mementos from safe deposit boxes waiting to be claimed.”

Each year, the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt returns millions of dollars in unclaimed property to rightful owners. In addition to money, the program is safekeeping forgotten or lost safe deposit boxes. “Contents from safe deposit boxes can include pictures, jewelry, lockets, watches and love letters,” Fitzgerald added. “Returning the precious items is a year-round effort.”

In the spirit of the holiday, Fitzgerald turns to Iowans in hopes that someone may know the person listed on the following safe deposit boxes. Contents in the boxes include items such as necklaces, rings and letters.

Belle Plaine, Iowa

Dennis R. Smith

Burlington, Iowa

Rosita M. Boley

Cedar Rapids, Iowa

William Church

Burlington, Iowa

Patricia C. Simon

Raymond, Iowa

Leslie Fettkether

Johnston, Iowa

Margie Tibben

Iowa City, Iowa

Janice Sue Wear

West Liberty, Iowa

Larry C. Crees

Des Moines, Iowa

Jane Dearinger

Winterset, Iowa

Charles E. Holtmyer


Unclaimed property refers to money and other assets held by financial institutions or companies that have lost contact with the property’s owner for a specific period of time. In Iowa, the assets are safeguarded in the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt until the owner or heir of the property is found. Common forms of unclaimed property include forgotten savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed checks, unpaid life insurance benefits, utility security deposits and safe deposit box contents. The program has returned over $292 million in unclaimed property since Fitzgerald created it in 1983.

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