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Treasurer Fitzgerald Awards Over $22,000 in Total Prizes for College Savings Iowa 20 Year Celebration

December 5, 2018

State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald recently awarded nine College Savings Iowa accounts, over $22,000 in total prizes, to finish College Savings Iowa’s 20-Year Celebration. Iowans across the state with children and grandchildren under the age of 18, were encouraged to sign up for the celebration giveaway. Four entrants were awarded $5,000 accounts and five entrants were awarded $529 accounts. The nine winners ranged from 18 months old to 17 years old, representing communities from all over the entire state.  

“I was extremely happy and encouraged to see so many Iowans participate in our 20-Year Celebration giveaway,” stated Fitzgerald. “Our goal for College Savings Iowa is to encourage families to start saving early for their loved one’s higher educational expenses. This celebration was to help spread the word of savings with College Savings Iowa.”

College Savings Iowa attended various events across the state this past September and October to help spread the message about the growth of College Savings Iowa over the past 20 years while also looking towards the future and getting more families involved. While learning about the plan, families were able to register for the 20-Year Celebration giveaway. 

College Savings Iowa is now celebrating the holiday season with another giveaway. All Iowa families with a child or grandchild under 18 years old can visit to register for their chance to win a $1,000 College Savings Iowa giveaway account. This giveaway is open from December 1 through December 31 and a current College Savings Iowa account is not required to enter. 

Opening a College Savings Iowa account is simple. With as little as $25 and ten minutes anyone can start investing on behalf of a child. To learn more about College Savings Iowa, please visit or call 1-888-672-9116. You can also connect with College Savings Iowa on Facebook and Twitter (Iowa529Plan) to learn about upcoming events and giveaways. 

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