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Rules Regulatory Plan

Executive Order Number Nine requires each State agency to submit an annual Regulatory Plan detailing foreseeable rulemaking initiatives for the upcoming fiscal year that the agency reasonably expects to issue in proposed or final form. The State Treasurer’s Office’s review of upcoming rulemaking initiatives for Iowa Administrative Rules Section 781 identified the actions outlined in this Regulatory Plan.

The administrative rules of the State Treasurer’s Office are reviewed regularly and generally are not amended unless a specific need arises or through legislative directive.

The rules are contained in 18 chapters of the Iowa Administrative Code Section 781 and are entitled as follows:

Chapter 1 Organization and Procedures (PDF)  
Chapter 2 Public Records and Fair Information Practices (PDF)     
Chapter 4 Linked Investments For Tomorrow (LIFT) (PDF)  
Chapter 6 Coordination of Bonding Activities (PDF)    
Chapter 7 Reporting on State and Local Government Bonding Activities (PDF)      
Chapter 8 Accepting Credit Card Payments (PDF)       
Chapter 9 Unclaimed Property (PDF)*
Chapter 10 Informal Claims for Second Injury Fund (PDF)   
Chapter 11 Deposit of Public Funds by State Agencies (PDF)     
Chapter 12 Technical Investment Information and Assistance (PDF)      
Chapter 13 Deposit and Security of Public Funds in Banks (PDF)   
Chapter 14 Deposit and Security of Public Funds in Credit Unions (PDF)       
Chapter 15 Required Public Funds Custodial Agreement Provisions (PDF)     
Chapter 16 Iowa Educational Savings Plan Trust (PDF)    
Chapter 17 Declaratory Orders (PDF)   
Chapter 18 Agency Procedure for Rule Making (PDF)         
Chapter 19 Waiver and Variance Rules (PDF)
Chapter 20 Iowa ABLE Savings Plan Trust (PDF)** 

*Anticipated in FY2023, Chapter 9 Unclaimed Property, rule updates.

**Anticipated in FY2023, Chapter 20 Iowa ABLE Savings Plan Trust, rule updates due to House File 835.

If the need arises, this webpage will be updated if there are any additional rule changes for FY2023.

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