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Treasurer Fitzgerald has a Vault Full of Treasures for Valentine's Day

January 31, 2013

While Cupid is busy with his bow, State Treasurer Michael L. Fitzgerald is looking to reunite Iowans this Valentine’s Day with their lost treasures. The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt database contains more than one million accounts for individuals all over the state that have lost track of some money or a treasure. “In addition to money, we have safe deposit box contents, which include an assortment of sentimental and heirloom items waiting to be reclaimed,” said Fitzgerald. “Some of these items may have been tokens of affection given from one of your family members on a past Valentine’s Day.”

Treasurer Fitzgerald encourages all Iowans to check the website for a forgotten treasure. “Check regularly, check often and check for your friends and family,” Fitzgerald advises. New property is uploaded every year, so even if you have claimed property in the past, there is a chance your name could reappear. “We want to return people’s money,” he stated. “That’s our number one priority.”

The Great Iowa Treasure Hunt program has returned over $156 million to more than 385,000 individuals since Fitzgerald started it in 1983. Companies and financial institutions in Iowa and from across the nation report millions of dollars in unclaimed property to the State Treasurer each year. Common examples of unclaimed property include money in forgotten savings/checking accounts, uncashed insurance benefit and payroll checks, IRA funds, lost stock and dividends, abandoned safe deposit box contents, gift cards, and utility refunds or deposits.

“Finding and receiving unclaimed property is an easy process,” explained Fitzgerald. “We are dedicated to helping Iowans reunite with their missing money and property.” Visit to see if you have a treasure waiting for you.

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