State Treasurer of Iowa

College Savings Iowa

Since 1998, State Treasurer Michael Fitzgerald has been helping Iowans save for college and earn tax breaks at the same time. College Savings Iowa was created in 1998 as Iowa's first 529 Plan. It is sold directly to Iowans and people across the country. In 2006, Iowa introduced the Iowa Advisor 529 Plan. This plan is sold through financial planners. While each plan differs in the investment choices and the method of distribution, both plans share the same goal - get people saving for college. 

Please visit the College Savings Iowa homepage to learn more about how easy it is to start saving. Click here to request a member of the College Savings Iowa staff to speak to your group.

Check out the number of College Savings Iowa accounts and dollars invested for each Iowa county by visiting our Interactive Map.

You can also view our latest Fact Sheet for more information on total assets, total accounts and the average account size for all of College Savings Iowa. 

If you have questions in regards to K-12 tuition payments from Iowa's 529 plans, you can read through the FAQ sheet we created. 


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