State Treasurer of Iowa

Trusted Contact

In an effort to ensure that your College Savings Iowa accounts and funds are continuously protected and secure, we recently began offering another tool to protect your accounts. As a College Savings Iowa account owner, you now have the opportunity to name a “Trusted Contact” for your accounts as an extra protection against fraud. The Trusted Contact is intended to act as a resource if College Savings Iowa loses contact with you or believes your assets may be at risk.

A Trusted Contact is authorized to be contacted by College Savings Iowa in the event certain account events occur. The Trusted Contact does not have the ability to view your account, make transactions or direct your investments. They are simply a resource if College Savings Iowa needs to communicate with you and is not able to.

To set up your Trusted Contact, access your online College Savings Iowa account, select the Profile and Documents option, then select Trusted Contact on the left-hand side. You may also download and print a physical form. Mail the completed form to the address on the form. 

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