State Treasurer of Iowa

Celebrate 529 Day

May 29th is 529 Day, a national celebration of 529 college savings plans. 529 Day helps bring attention all over the country to the fact that saving for college is one of the most significant things families can do for the children in their lives.

This celebration is a great time to remind current and future college savers that saving early and often with College Savings Iowa investments can add up to significant savings over time and can help kids get started on their higher- education adventures after high school.

We know that our biggest advocates for College Savings Iowa are our current account owners.
Help us celebrate 529 Day by taking some time to talk with your friends and families about the benefits of a 529 plan and how even the smallest contributions to a college savings plan can greatly influence a child’s future. Iowa taxpayers who are participants with College Savings Iowa can take advantage of the state tax deduction for contributions. All College Savings Iowa participants benefit from our low costs, great investment options and the tax- deferred growth on withdrawals for qualified higher-education expenses.

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