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College Savings Iowa Newsletter: 2016 Fourth Quarter

Great news—College Savings Iowa’s costs are now even lower! Effective January 1, 2017, the total annual asset-based fee for each College Savings Iowa® portfolio has decreased from 0.26% to 0.20%. This means you will now pay just $2 in costs per year for every $1,000 you invest in the plan.... Read More
Fiction: My child is too old for me to open a College Savings Iowa 529 account. Fact: You can open an account for a beneficiary of any age—or even open one for yourself. It does not matter if your student is already in high school, or if you are enrolling... Read More
If you are an Iowa taxpayer, you still have plenty of time to make contributions to your College Savings Iowa account and have them count toward your 2016 taxes. The deadline for your 2016 contributions is May 1, 2017. For 2016, you can claim an Iowa state tax deduction of... Read More
After visiting with us at the Iowa State Fair, Dianne and Dennis Phillips of Spencer, Iowa, took the time to share what College Savings Iowa has meant for them and their family: We opened and started contributing to our grandchildren’s College Savings Iowa accounts nearly 14 years ago. We make... Read More
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