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Do Grandma a favor. Tell her about Ugift.

How many times have relatives or friends told you they have no idea about what to get for your child’s birthday? And how often do you find the latest toy or trendy device Grandma searched for last year has now been consigned to the back of the closet?

There is a simple way to bring relief to gift givers and save for your children’s education as well:  Ugift®—Give College Savings. Ugift is a free, secure online service that lets you request contributions toward a child’s 529 plan account as gifts for events, such as birthdays and holidays. Here is how College Savings Iowa account owners can use Ugift:

  • Log on to your account to get a Ugift code that friends and family can use to contribute anytime at
  • Provide the email addresses of family and friends, and Ugift will send them invitations to contribute for a specific occasion.
  • Print out and distribute the coded gift coupons that Ugift makes available for those on your list without email addresses.

The gift of education is about as good as it gets. It is easy to purchase, it can help shape your children’s future, and it can give your family and friends the satisfaction of knowing they helped along the way. 

Grandma will be especially grateful!

To learn more about Ugift, go to and click the Ugift logo.

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