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At the Fair: Kids focus on fun, food - and their future

College Savings Iowa talked with children at the Iowa State Fair about what they hope to do when they grow up and how they plan to accomplish this. We enjoyed the opportunity to answer college savers’ questions and found the children’s responses to our survey to be surprisingly perceptive!

Approximately 89% of the children interviewed felt a college education was the best way to reach their career goals. When asked how much money that could take, the majority of kids believed it would be $100,000. However, 7% did think it could cost less than $10. Fortunately we offer a calculator on to help families gauge their saving. Go to the Resources tab on our homepage, choose Links, and select How much do I need to save? from Vanguard’s college planning tools list.

It is clear that most children see a college degree in their future, a sign that it can never be too soon for parents to set sights—and savings—on the same.
And the career of choice at the Fair this year?  Professional athlete, with veterinarian the runner up.

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