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College Savings Iowa Newsletter: 2015 Second Quarter

Back-to-school time is just around the corner, which means it will soon be time to pay bills for tuition, dorm fees, books, supplies and other qualified higher-education expenses. The quickest and easiest way to pay these bills is by requesting an online withdrawal from your College Savings Iowa account.* To... Read More on Online withdrawals make it easier to pay college bills
College Savings Iowa looks forward to seeing you and your family at the Iowa State Fair, which will be held in Des Moines from August 13 to 23. You can enjoy lots of great food, rides, music, games and much more. Stop by and visit us at our booth in... Read More on Visit us at the Fair
College Savings Month in September is the perfect time to take stock of how far you've come in saving for higher education and to make sure you're on track to meet your financial goal. Consider celebrating College Savings Month by increasing your College Savings Iowa account contributions or making an... Read More on College Savings Month: A time to save and tell
Fiction: Your kids will receive a lot less federal financial aid because of 529 savings. Fact: Savings in a 529 account will not affect your federal financial aid eligibility any more than, say, the money in your bank account. As the account owner, your 529 savings are considered part of... Read More on Debunking 529 myths
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