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A graduation gift that keeps on giving

With the arrival of spring, we have something else to look forward to - graduation time. You may have already received announcements from friends or family members whose children will graduate this year.

But what about your own kids or grandkids? Whether they "graduate" from kindergarten or junior high, their educational milestones are still important to celebrate. One of the best ways to recognize their achievements is to give a gift that will benefit them for years to come - the gift of higher education. 

Ugift - Give College Savings makes it easy for family and friends to contribute to your College Savings Iowa account. To sign up, log on to your account at, select the appropriate account, and click the Ugift logo. Then fill in your celebration details and create your invitee list, including email addresses. 

Ugift will send emails to your invitees asking them to contribute to your child's account as a way to celebrate his or her accomplishment. Through Ugift, you can then track those contributions online as they are added to your account. 

Another option is for you to print out Ugift coupons to distribute in person or by mail. The coupons are coded so that when they are returned with gift contributions, the money will be deposited into your College Savings Iowa account. 


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