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Public Funds Rates

Minimum Rates for Time Deposits
Effective Date: September 9, 2016
These rates of interest have been determined by a committee of the state of Iowa to be the minimum interest rates that shall be paid on public funds deposited in approved financial institutions. To be eligible to accept deposits of public funds of the state of Iowa, a financial institution shall demonstrate a commitment to serve the needs of the local community in which it is chartered to do business. These needs include credit services as well as deposit services. All such financial institutions are required to provide the committee with a written description of their commitment to provide credit services in the community. This statement is available for examination by citizens.


Time Deposit Rates


Minimum Rates

7 - 31 days


32 - 89 days


90 - 179 days


180 - 364 days


365 - 397 days


Over 397 days



Maximum Rates for Unpaid Warrants (74A.2) & Special Assessments (74A.4)

Maximum Rates

Unpaid Warrants


Special Assessments


Recommended Rates For Public Obligations (74A.3) & School District Warrants (74A.7)
A rate equal to 75% of the Federal Reserve monthly published indices for U.S. government securities of comparable maturities. 


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